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Wellness & Life Coach

Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Iona College.  I was also a member of the Armed Forces (Army) and served in Stuttgart Germany for a period 3 years in Communications & Human Resources.  

I thrive on helping individuals reach their wellness and personal endeavors. 

Throughout my career I have established a reputation as a transformation leader who is driven by challenges, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to furthering standards of excellence. Proven success in coaching individuals in the corporate sector as well as in the private sector. 


My parents dedicated a lot of time in making sure we (a total of 5 kids) were active in some sort of activity.  From dancing and performing to playing sports and staying connected with the community. Always making sure we did not forget our roots. 


Throughout my 15 plus years in corporate I have had the honor of meeting so many different individuals.   Many of which I have coached either in their career, personal endeavors, relationship issues, health and/or professional challenges. 

My distinctive ability for excellence, execution and acceleration allows me to support individuals and increase their resilience, while leveraging their strengths to get results above circumstances. 

As a life coach, for individuals experiencing life change, seeking personal and professional growth, I offer guidance and direction to define their purpose and assist them by providing tools to pursue their path using values as the compass to create their vision and achieve their goals.

I believe that to achieve a balance between work, relationships and wellness, one needs to practice mindfulness and a growth mindset to build outcomes for success.

I have a passion for delivering service that go beyond your expectations, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved!

Lastly, it is critical to surround oneself with a network of like-minded people which will allow one to unveil one’s true potential and move towards our goals.

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